Top 10 Date Night Ideas

Healthy Date Night

As much as I love snuggling up on the sofa and binge watching RuPaul's Drag Race with my lovely BF, it's good to shake things up when it comes to Date Night!

I know when you've been together for a while it can be easy to slip in to unhealthy habits (Friday night takeaway and a bottle or two of Red sound familiar to anyone?) so here's my Top 10 List of Healthy Date Night ideas - that they also happen to be low budget, romantic and FUN is just a great big bonus!

So let's get started with:

NUMBER 10. Go on a Microadventure

Imagine running out of work, hopping into the car and an hour later you and your other half are on an adventure! You can even be back in time for work the very next day (sorry). That's the premise of a microadventure - a local, cheap adventure that gets you out into the wild and shaking up your routine. You can choose what you want to do and where to go; for more ideas click on the link above.

Number 9. Cook Dinner Together

Unless you're a kitchen tyrant and can't handle other people being in the kitchen - this one is so much fun! It gives you both a chance to talk and unwind after a long day, it makes dinner prep a doddle and if your other half is a fast food devotee it could go a long way to convincing them that delicious food can be healthy.

Number 8. Go for a walk

Yeah ok, it's really cold and dark now and there's a pretty high chance it's raining too. But every so often, the sky is completely clear and you can see all the stars - it's beautiful to be out walking on nights like that. Bundle up until you look like the Michelin Man, take a flask of something hot to drink and a torch and off you go. Free, good for you and a great way to unwind before bed. What more could you possibly ask for?! You can plan to go somewhere if walking out the door on a whim isn't an option (I'm told you can't do that with kids) or you could take a quick turn around the block.

Number 7. Learn Something New Together

Cycling in the New Forest

Trying your hand at something new is beneficial on so many levels - it's good for brain activity, boosts your confidence, it'll get you laughing, takes you out of your comfort zone and (depending on the activity) can get you moving more. For example, last month we went cycling in the New Forest. I've not been on a bike in years and we've never cycled together before so it was a safe, easy and beautiful place to find my bike legs and for us to go riding together. There was also an ice cream stop, obligatory when out in the New Forest of course.

You can both pick one new thing to try out each month (so everyone gets a go and someone's not forever being dragged along kicking and screaming) and see how you get on!

Number 6. Ghost Tours and Festivals

Tis the season for festive fun and it's all over the place! Ghost tours can be a cheap and fun way to spend an evening (ok you might not be a believer but think of the hours you'll get to spend trying to scare your partner! Priceless) and there are a number of winter markets and fairs springing up, most of which have free or minimal cost entry. You can also get out and see Christmas lights springing up around your neighborhood or venture further afield to larger exhibitions such as the ones at Kew Gardens.

Number 5. Laser Quest/ Paintball

Because you know at some point, you've wanted to shoot your partner. Just saying.

Not generally the cheapest of days out but you can often find deals for these on Groupon. A great one to take the kids on too, or you could get your mates involved (and then you can all shoot at your partners)!

Number 4. Rowing

You might not be able to hire a random boat and get out on the river from a lot of places at this time of year (worth doing in the summer though) however you can still get out. Places such as The New Forest Activities Centre offer guided Winter Paddling sessions from November to March. Wrap up warm and get out there! It's really good fun, will have you both laughing and it's a great upper body workout.

Number 3. Boot Camp

Shameless self promotion here but stay with me on this one!! Nearly all of my clients are on a weight loss journey which is an incredibly difficult ordeal at the best of times. Having the support of your partner can make a HUGE difference to how successful you are so getting them joining you in your workouts can be a massive boost for both of you. Not only will you both be working on your physical health, you'll be creating new healthy habits TOGETHER, getting a chance to support and cheer each other on (or get really competitive) and you'll have a laugh! Doesn't sound too bad does it?

Number 2. Dancing

This could tie in with learning something new if neither of you have danced before, so two birds one stone! There are a million different kinds of dances to choose from so finding a dance that both of you would enjoy learning will be an adventure in itself.

My boyfriend and I do Lindy Hop every week and we both enjoy it - we enjoy going to vintage themed festivals and days out so for us this means we can join in with the dancing at these events so it fits with our lifestyle and we're making new friends as well.

Number 1. DOT DOT DOT

Needs no explanation. And if it does, it's clearly been too long!! Staying in isn't always so bad right?!

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