Salmon Salad with a Mustard Lemon Dressing.

Salmon fillet on a bed of Cous Cous and Salad with a Mustard and Lemon Dressing

This recipe nicely straddles the line of wanting something lighter as the days get warmer (it's happening, honest) but needing something comforting and hot when winter gives us a kick to remind us it's not gone yet.

It's also incredibly fast to put together, uses seasonal products so you know it'll taste awesome and you can make it as spicy or as mild as you like.

Salmon Salad with a Mustard Lemon Dressing.

Prep: 20 mins Cook: 10 mins Serves 2

Nutritional Value Per Serving:

Kcal 370 - Fat 17.8g - Saturates 2.9g - Carbs 13.9g - Sugars 2.7g - Fibre 2.4g - Protein 17.6g


6 -7 asparagus tips

A large handful of mixed salad leaves each

4 radish, thinly sliced

2 Salmon Fillets

2 spring onions, sliced diagonally

70g Cous Cous

For The Dressing:

3 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp wholegrain mustard

2 red chillies (optional)


  1. Pour a small amount of oil into a frying pan on a medium heat and place the salmon fillets in skin side down. Cook for 7 minutes before turning and cook for another 6-7 minutes. Remove from the pan and take off the skin.

  2. Whilst the salmon is cooking, put the cous cous into a bowl and cover with boiling water, leave to absorb for 5 minutes. Place the asparagus tips in a steamer and cook for 3-4 minutes. Whisk together the salad dressing ingredients, then season to taste.

  3. In a large bowl, toss together the cous cous, asparagus, salad leaves and radishes. Add two-thirds of the dressing, thoroughly mix through the salad, then spread the salad over a plate. Break the salmon into large chunks, then scatter over the top along with the spring onions. Finish by pouring remaining dressing over the top.

You can throw in any other vegetables you have too - carrots and peppers would work well with this dish. The dressing is sharp but works well with the salmon. If you wanted more flavour in the cous cous, pour hot vegetable or chicken stock over it instead of boiling water.

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