A Sunday Swim, Cycle and Run

Crossing the finish line.

"It's only a little swim and a Sunday cycle and a gentle afternoon jog - easy!"

This was the conversation I was having with the woman next to me as we lined up at the pool side, anxiously waiting for our wave to start.

60% of the participants at today's Go Tri Triathlon at The Park, Milton, were first timers like myself. So there was a good dose of nervous energy in the air, mixed with excitement. That nearly everyone was in the same boat helped to relax us all to a degree and everyone was friendly and chatty. Largely we talked about what we were planning on wearing (yeah I know, get a group of women together... you guys don't know how easy you have it!) for the swim and the run as it was so cold.

Blissfully, the pool was heated so by the time you'd launched yourself out of the pool the breeze outside was refreshing rather than icy! And the sun made an appearance for the last half of my bike and run, so I didn't spend long feeling cold.

The course was well laid out with cheerful marshals pointing the way and shouting encouragement. It was also flat, which makes a nice change from the ridiculous hills I train on at home!

Getting to have a "trial run" before Blenheim (5 weeks from today) has given me so much more confidence. I now know how I'm likely going to feel on the race day and how I'll feel going through the transitions. Practicing going from one discipline to the other is hard to do on your average training day so it was great to try it all out.

And my official finishing time was 58 minutes which I'm frankly incredibly proud of! I expected it to take a bit longer so I'm really pleased. Hopefully this means for Blenheim I can complete it faster than I originally aimed to, although the prime goal is still to finish in one piece!

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